Renew Your Membership

Renew Your Membership 

If you are from British Columbia or Ontario you must join or renew through the provincial website. Please click below:

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For all other provinces or territories:


To renew, log into the Membership Portal and visit your membership profile.  

Membership Benefits

 The Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association is an organization that represents gerontological nurses and promotes gerontological nursing practice across Canada. 
CGNA is actively recruiting new members for the Association. As a member of CGNA, you will be entitled to receive the following member benefits:
  • Perspectives Journal Subscription 
  • Access to archived library of Gerontological Nursing webinars at no cost!
  • Access to the electronic version of 2010 Gerontological Nursing Standards and Competencies Document
  • Opportunity to apply for scholarships and research grants
  • Reduced rates at CGNA Biennial Meeting, educational resources and materials
  • Subscription to the CGNA Newsflash, an ad hoc update of news in the field of gerontological nursing
  • Subscription to the CGNA quarterly newsletter, The Canadian Gerontological Nurse
  • Volunteer opportunities to participate in CGNA Committees
  • Support and influence the development of the field of Gerontology


  • Planning the 2017 Biennial Meeting that will be held in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Hosting further CGNA educational webinars
  • Providing support to conjoint provincial members to assist with planning of provincial education sessions
  • Special Projects

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