CNA Certification

Study Hints - Certification Class of 2015   
Hint 1: View the archived webinars (free for CGNA members)
Hint 2: Review the Competencies and Exam Blueprint document
Hint 3: 
Saint Elizabeth Health Career College is offering 4 gerontology webinars for nurses preparing to write the certification exam. The cost is $150.00 per participant and includes an e-learning course ‘The Older Adult’ plus 4 webinars during February and March.  More info here   Questions? email
Hint 4: Be aware of the Tinneti Assessment Tool
Hint 5: Understand the Timed Get Up and Go Test
Hint 6: Test your medication knowledge with the Beers List
Hint 7: Check out the Rockwood Clinical Frailty Score
Hint 8: Don't forget to look at the Katz Index
Hint 9: Be mindful of the Katz Tools Activities for Daily Living
Hint 10: Rely on Gero Nurse Resources
Hint 11: Review the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
Hint 12: Know the Mini-Cog Mental Status Assessment
Hint 13: Compare the MoCA Version 7.1 Mental Status Assessment
Hint 14: Peruse the Geriatric Assessment Guidelines
Hint 15: Consider the Australian Functional Decline Guidelines
Hint 16: Check out the Fulmer SPICES Assessment tool
Hint 17: Think about the Confusion Assessment Method
Hint 18: Try out the Hospital Admission Risk Profile (HARP)
Hint 19: Watch out for news about the next CGNA Webinar
Hint 20: Relax and visualize wearing your Certification Pin!


CNA certification is a nationally recognized credential for registered nurses. Becoming certified in your specialty demonstrates your commitment to nursing excellence and continuing competence. It shows that you Care to Be the Best! Learn more about certification.  


La certification de l’AIIC est un titre reconnu nationalement qu’obtiennent les infirmières et infirmiers autorisés. Obtenir la certification dans votre domaine de spécialité témoigne de votre engagement envers l’excellence en soins infirmiers et le maintien des compétences. Être certifié, c’est avoir l’excellence à cœurApprenez-en davantage sur la certification.   

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